omg does anyone even follow this account anymore? I moved…

I think I’m going to make another blog, I won’t delete this one I’ll just be on the other more, I think 

Uh, if you want the url or something you can send me an ask and I’ll give it to you once I make it or something 

I’m sorry okay 

I don’t mean to fjkdlsajfkl I just 

I’m sort of thinking of deleting my tumblr and restarting 

I put on my merlottes shirt because I thought it would make me feel better

it doesn’t but still, at least I have a merlottes shirt 

samtrammell replied to your post: I really need someone to hug and love right now 


we never talk anymore but I still love you 

and every time I try and text you I don’t really get replies so 

wasted-views replied to your post: wasted-views replied to your post: I really need…

awwww bb i’d be useless but kavdkxsi

trust me you wouldn’t be 

wasted-views replied to your post: I really need someone to hug and love right now 

cell service is shot and i have a migraine, otherwise i’d be up for talking

I just wish you were here

fucking fjdkljkslajklf 

my mom says that everyone in the house told my mom that I shouldn’t get a new phone until I can pay for it myself and “appreciate it”

motherfucker how many times do I have to say it okay

I didn’t crack the goddamn fucking screen, someone hit it out of my hand it wasn’t my fault please proceed into the nearest street and get hit by a car thank you 

"Lora is my best friend ever, okay. Back off, boys, because Lora's sassy gay friend will snap his fingers back and forth before he lets you disrespect her."
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I really need someone to hug and love right now 

so last night I cried till I fell asleep and then today I found out that my parents, who don’t know how to work a simple phone with nothing on it, both got new androids instead of me, and I know exactly how to work androids but my screen is almost completely cracked 

fuckity fuck fuck bollocks whore fuck 

is it sad that I miss my draco anon

I guess that means that I am lonely or some shit